Tucson’s Most Stimulating Talk

KNST AM 790 is Tucson’s Most Stimulating Talk Station. KNST’s hosts talk about relatable topics, it’s not just politics. The station is about engaging the listeners through entertainment. Topics and stories that strongly relate to the listeners’ lives are what you hear every day. KNST listeners stay engaged in the shows through commercial breaks and are among the most passionate and loyal listeners in Tucson. The Morning Ritual features Garret Lewis, KNST news director Paul Birmingham, and producer Obi Wan-Kenobi. This unique combination makes the show one of Tucson’s most entertaining ways to start the day! After the morning show, KNST stacks up the day with the 3 biggest names in talk radio: Rush, Hannity and Beck.

  • Call Letters: KNST
  • Format: NEWSTALK
  • Dial Position : 790.0 AM
  • Brand: KNST
  • Target Listener: Men 35-64

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